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Where There's Clay, There's Fun!

EARTH - AIR - WATER & FIRE - these are the ingredients of pottery and human beings alike.  Each also contains an element of CHANCE.  Do not seek perfection in pottery or people for your search will go unrewarded and you will miss out on knowing good pottery and many good people. ...Unknown

No matter whether you are a professional artist, or haven’t touched clay since kindergarten, you will find the Marinette Clay Corner an exciting and fun place to be.

Facilities include wheels for pot throwing, rollers for slab and hand-building, clay extruders for the coil builders and 4 kilns for firing your clay creations.  The club maintains nearly 40 glazes for ready use and stocks a variety of clay and tools for purchase by members.  Member and non-member instructors provide a robust selection of classes and workshops where members can improve their expertise and expand their artistic horizons.  Custom Yard Art and one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery for sale in our club room. Stop in for a visit!


Latest Happenings...


January 2017 Gen. Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was called to order by President David Krause. The Pledge of Allegiance followed. Mary Jo Krause, Secretary, read the minutes of the November 9, 2016 meeting. Kay Dixon moved to accept the minutes as read. Donna Kraft seconded. Motion passed. Mary Jo Krause  gave the Treasurers Report.  Total income  for December 2016 was $3,332.40. Disbursements were $4,170.40. Net loss was $838.00. Total income is $44,122.53.

Chair Reports

Membership: There are approximately 150 members that have paid dues. Members were reminded that on January 31,2017 members who have not paid dues will have their buckets pulled and contents will become club property.
Monitors:  Members were informed that they must put in their full four hours to get credit for their shift.

No $20 bills should be taken.

  The glaze room should be monitored.  

  No buckets left in aisles, and chairs should be pushed in for safety.  

Advanced classes:  Judy Larson thanked all who volunteered to teach and reminded members to check for new classes.                                                                            

Yard Art: Brenda Good said the next Yard Art Day is January 18th and it will be on southwest and Indian pieces. A soup luncheon will be held.

Purchasing: Supplies other then clay should be locked up until inventoried.

Shelf Monitor:  Karen Vanic was named the new co-chair.

Displays: Diane Boller was named new co-chair. One additional person is needed.

Kiln: Donna Kraft showed the group the new molds that were made on the wheel.

Towels: Kay Dixon asked for another volunteer for her committee. No volunteers.

Glaze Team: Dale Lehrer stated that the new white glaze is working well and that the team is working  on reds but they are expensive. To buy a cup members will be charged $4.00.

Hospitality: Members were thanked for the treats. Joan Valentine and Marti Reynolds were added to the committee.

Sun Dial Show: Marty Snead thanked her committee. Andrea Day will co-chair the next show.

Cleaning: Connie Sauer announced that the next cleaning day is January 25.

Holiday Party: Judy Larson stated that the party was a success. A new chair is needed. No volunteers.

Rummage Sale: Sue Danielson reminded members that many helpers were still needed. Sale is January 26-28.

Spring Show: Kay Dixon stated the sign up sheets would be out shortly. Volunteers to demo hand building and wheel techniques are needed.

Old Business

Guest Policy: Guests may not operate any equipment while in the club including slab rollers as per RCSC rules. Guests may visit Three times from Sept 1 thru May 1. They may visit 6 times during summer months. Members were showed how to register guests.

New Business

West Valley Cancer Alliance Fundraiser Donations: Pieces of pottery will be donated.
Discover Sun City: Lois Hoffman and Andrea Day will work from 9-11.Kathy Schleh and Wanda Holm will work from 6-8.

Del Web Yard Art: The members were informed about its removal. Marti Reynolds made a motion that one of the poles be donated with signage to RCSC, and the other pieces be used to beautify the Marinette Center. Marti Snead seconded. Motion passed

Purchase requests: The Board asked permission to upgrade the computer and printer, the security system, and purchase another slab roller for a total of $4500. Dale Lehrer moved to allow the purchases. Mary Engstrom seconded. Motion passed.

Finance Committee and RCSC Budget: Members were asked to submit suggestions for these committees to be reviewed by the next meeting.
Suggestions from the floor: Members were instructed on how to get on the agenda.

All members would be emailed with new monitor changes.

Marjon’s Open House will be January 27-28.

Buckets are not to be moved around.

Raffle winner: Sue Ackerman

Adjournment: Linda Jacobs motioned to adjourn. Donna Kraft seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted;
Mary Jo Krause, Secretary