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Where There's Clay, There's Fun!

EARTH - AIR - WATER & FIRE - these are the ingredients of pottery and human beings alike.  Each also contains an element of CHANCE.  Do not seek perfection in pottery or people for your search will go unrewarded and you will miss out on knowing good pottery and many good people. ...Unknown

No matter whether you are a professional artist, or haven’t touched clay since kindergarten, you will find the Marinette Clay Corner an exciting and fun place to be.

Facilities include wheels for pot throwing, rollers for slab and hand-building, clay extruders for the coil builders and 4 kilns for firing your clay creations.  The club maintains nearly 40 glazes for ready use and stocks a variety of clay and tools for purchase by members.  Member and non-member instructors provide a robust selection of classes and workshops where members can improve their expertise and expand their artistic horizons.  Custom Yard Art and one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery for sale in our club room. Stop in for a visit!


Latest Happenings...


Time Limit for Shelves - Please Read

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Hi Clay Corner Artists!

An informational note from your new Shelf Monitors.
(Also known, affectionately I hope, as the Shelf Police)


We will be going through the shelves, both drying and fired shelves, approximately every 10 days.  We have such an active, thriving Club, we need to keep things coming and going to make space for all the new creations produced by all of you.  Items on the drying shelves are ok for about 30 days. Please adjust the date on your pink slips for larger pieces, then we know you are checking them for dryness.  If the pink slips could be placed on the front edge of the board, or attached to the plastic covering, then we won't have to disturb your pieces while we are checking the dates.  Thanks!

The kiln shelf, in the back room, is so much smaller, so we ask you to take your pieces home after 10 days.  Please glaze them or take them home if you don't have time to glaze right away.  Items past 10 days will be moved to the top shelf above the yard art, or the wheel room.  After  10​ days, those items will become a donation to the Club.  The Kiln team thanks you too, as it is hard for them to find places to set fired pieces