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Where There's Clay, There's Fun!

EARTH - AIR - WATER & FIRE - these are the ingredients of pottery and human beings alike.  Each also contains an element of CHANCE.  Do not seek perfection in pottery or people for your search will go unrewarded and you will miss out on knowing good pottery and many good people. ...Unknown

No matter whether you are a professional artist, or haven’t touched clay since kindergarten, you will find the Marinette Clay Corner an exciting and fun place to be.

Facilities include wheels for pot throwing, rollers for slab and hand-building, clay extruders for the coil builders and 4 kilns for firing your clay creations.  The club maintains nearly 40 glazes for ready use and stocks a variety of clay and tools for purchase by members.  Member and non-member instructors provide a robust selection of classes and workshops where members can improve their expertise and expand their artistic horizons.  Custom Yard Art and one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery for sale in our club room. Stop in for a visit!


Latest Happenings...


March 2017 General Meeting Minutes

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March 8,2017 Marinette Clay Corner General Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President David Krause. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.
Mary Jo Krause, Secretary, read the minutes of the February 8, 2017 meeting. Sandy Kohlman moved to accept minutes as read, Marti Snead seconded. Motion passed.


Judi Nash, Treasurer, gave the Treasurers Report. The income for the month was$5,783.20. Disbursements were $6,046.45 for a loss of  $263.25. Total income is $51,740.53.

New members were introduced.

Chair Reports
Spring Sale: Jill Goodwin reminded members that they must be in good standing to show . All members were encouraged to take part in the show. Dates to remember were as follows: Club closed for cleaning at noon on 3/22, last day for firing 3/18, sale items may be brought after 10am 3/23.
Membership: We have 226 members. Members should pick up name tags. Members were also asked not to switch bucket space.
Monitors: Members were reminded that scale reads in pounds and ounces.
Advanced Classes: Judy Larson asked for volunteers for Summer Fun Workshops.
Yard Art: Brenda Good stated that the date is 3/15 and potluck is Mexican. We will be making a variety of objects.
Purchasing: Members were told that the speckled buff clay is not the same as before.
Shelf monitors: Jessica Fisher asked members to use appropriate size boards and shelves for projects.
Towels: Jill Goodwin offered to work with  the committee.
Financial report: Sue Finley read and explained report. A committee was set up to investigate cost of  spray booth. On the committee are Sylvia Pinto, Jean Buck and Donna Kraft. The motion was made by Jean Buck to purchase two tall tables and four chair for first room. Jan Jacobson seconded. Motion carried.
Cleaning: Connie Sauer reminded members that cleaning will be done on 3/22 starting at noon.
Hospitality: Barb Rhodes offered to work with the team.
Kiln team: Donna Kraft suggested that classes be suspended earlier next year before Spring and Fall Show to lighten the kiln load.

Old Business
Members were reminded that two people must be present to operate equipment. Summer hours were discussed. Motion was made by Donna Kraft to keep hours as they are. Dolly Bodenshok seconded. Motion carried.

New Business
April meeting will start at 10am with Spring Luncheon to follow. Club provides ham and rolls.
Snowbird Policy: Members must remove all pottery, leave buckets, and sign out in Hours Book.

Raffle Drawing: Winner Sue Danielson

Adjournment: Joan Sindt moved to adjourn. Sandy Kohlman seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Jo Krause