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Where There's Clay, There's Fun!

EARTH - AIR - WATER & FIRE - these are the ingredients of pottery and human beings alike.  Each also contains an element of CHANCE.  Do not seek perfection in pottery or people for your search will go unrewarded and you will miss out on knowing good pottery and many good people. ...Unknown

No matter whether you are a professional artist, or haven’t touched clay since kindergarten, you will find the Marinette Clay Corner an exciting and fun place to be.

Facilities include wheels for pot throwing, rollers for slab and hand-building, clay extruders for the coil builders and 4 kilns for firing your clay creations.  The club maintains nearly 40 glazes for ready use and stocks a variety of clay and tools for purchase by members.  Member and non-member instructors provide a robust selection of classes and workshops where members can improve their expertise and expand their artistic horizons.  Custom Yard Art and one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery for sale in our club room. Stop in for a visit!


Latest Happenings...


Club reopens on June 1st under new guidelines

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On Monday June 1st the club will open under these quidelines.  These quidelines must be followed to keep the club open.

There are going to be a lot of changs in the club so we can all stay safe.  We are going to be overly cautions.  FOUR HOUR TIME LIMIT PER PERSON!  This will allow more members to use the club.

There will be only 18 members alled in the club at one time as follows:

Front Room - 9 members allowed which includes 2 monitors and 7 hand builders

Middle room - 2 members on wheels and 2 hand builders

Third Room - 2 members to glaze and 3 hand builders

This will allow 6 feet social distancing so sinks, rolling tables and drying stations can be used safely.  Any monitoring hours earned in March and May will be carried over into June.

  •  A face mask must always be worn!  
  • When you enter the club, you will sign in the book as normal. There will be a Dry Erase board for you to sign in on and mark if you plan to hand build, wheel, or glaze and what location you will be working in. When you leave please remove your name from the dry erase board. The monitor will oversee making sure this happens. 
  • After signing in wipe, the pen/marker down with wipes and use hand sanitizer, then go wash your hands for 20 seconds plus. Wipe your area before and after you use it. Club will supply Clorox solution.
  • There will be wipes for you to use after using the rolling tables, hair dryers, glaze paddles, wire cutters and pounding hammers.
  • There will be no coffee, food or ice cream. If you want to bring a lunch, please provide an insulated bag so you can keep it by you. The kitchen area will not be used at this time.
  • There will not be any Fun shops until further notice.  
  • The month of June we will not be having a yard art day, but feel free to use club clay and make a piece of yard art for the club, be creative