How to add Pictures to your Picture Gallery

Revised 2015-03-03

Each member of the club has a photo gallery allocated on the Clay Corner website.

Initially, each member's Gallery is disabled (so empty Galleries do not appear).

When you decide you want to place pictures in your Gallery, you must contact the Photo Gallery Chair (or one of the website administrators) and request that your Gallery be enabled. When it has been enabled, it will appear in the “List of Member Photo Galleries” on the Photo Galleries/Member Pictures page of the website. You CANNOT upload pictures until your Gallery is enabled.

You can upload pictures from your computer (desktop, laptop, iPad/tablet, or smartphone) to the website. All of your uploaded pictures will be contained in your "Gallery", which is also called a “category” and is the same as your “Name” on the website Member List... eg, Doe John.

 To facilitate organization of your pictures, you may create up to 10 sub-categories under your category. When you upload pictures you direct where they reside... ie, your Gallery (ie, Category) or one of it's sub-categories.

To upload pictures...

  1. If you have not had your Gallery enabled, you MUST do so before proceeding.

  2. Picture size is limited to a file size of about 2-megabytes.  If any of the pictures you want to upload are larger than this you must resize them prior to uploading.  Note 1: file size is a functuion of your camera's megapixel rating and the picture content.  Use your computer's file browser (eg, Windows Explorer, File Finder, etc) to determine the size.  Most picture editors can resize... or, use an online one (eg,  Note 2: If your picure needs to be rotated, do so before uploading.  Use your file browser to see the real orientation as many picture viewers (eg, Picasa) automatically rotate the picture for viewing, but do not always update the file.  Whatever utility you use to resize will most likely be able to rotate your pictures.

  3. Login to the site,

  4. Select Photo Gallery/Member Pictures from the menu... the member photo galleries page will open.

  5. Click your gallery in the “List of Member Photo Galleries”... your gallery will open.

  6. Click “User Panel”... your user panel will open.

  7. Click "Upload"... the upload page will open.

    1. Fill in the appropriate fields... those which are marked with an asterisk MUST be filled in, the others are optional.

    2. Category* - Use the drop-down to select the Category (your username) or subcategory you wish to upload to.

    3. Generic Title* - Enter verbiage which will be the initial title of the pictures you upload (eg, My Pictures, 2013, etc.). After the picture(s) are uploaded you may change their title as you wish.

    4. Numbering start – defaults to “1”, you may enter any number you desire. When you upload picture(s) their title will be the Generic Title plus the Number... eg, if you uploaded 3 pictures they would be titled “My Pictures – 1”, “My Pictures – 2”, and “My Pictures – 3”. 

    5. Generic Description – enter any text you wish to be in each picture(s) description.

    6. Published – Yes or No. Pictures must have published=yes to appear on the website to anyone other than you... so, you could upload them as unpublished, then edit their titles and descriptions to suit your needs, then set publish = yes to allow everyone to see them.

    7. Click a "Browse" button to navigate to a picture on your computer you wish to upload... there are 5 Browse buttons so you can upload five different pictures per upload session.

    8. DO NOT check either “Special Image Files” or “Debug”

    9. Click “Upload” to initiate the upload... when the upload finishes, you will be taken to your Gallery page and the message “Upload Successful” will appear just to the right of Member Login.  If you upload multiple pictures at a time (up to 5) you must check that each one as successful.


To edit information about one of your pictures...

  1. Navigate to your Photo Gallery User Panel as described in steps 1-5 of the uploading pictures section above.

  2. Each picture in your Gallery is shown on this page. You can edit the title, description, change the published/unpublished status, change the category, and delete a picture....

  3. If you wish to delete a picture, contact the Photo Gallery Chairman who can do it for you.

  4. If you wish to publish/unpublish a picture click the check mark/X in the Published column (X means unpublished, a check mark means published).

  5. All other changes are made by clicking the edit icon (the pencil) in the Action column, which opens the edit image page..

    1. Change the title by editing the field.

    2. DO NOT change the alias field.

    3. Add/edit the description

    4. Change the Category by selecting a different one from the drop down.

    5. Publish/unpublish (does the same as the check-mark/X in step 4)

    6. Access... select either “public” (all website visitors can see published pictures), or “registered” (only club members can see registered pictures) from the drop down list. Picking any other selection will make the picture un-viewable to most members.


To manage/add a sub-category...

  1. Navigate to your Photo Gallery User Panel as described in steps 1-5 of the uploading pictures section above.

  2. Click "Categories"... the categories page opens which displays your Category and sub-categories.

  3. If you wish to delete a Sub-Category, contact the Photo Gallery Chairman who can do it for you.  NOTE: all the pictures in the sub-category must be deleted or moved them to a different category/sub-category BEFORE you can delete the sub-category.

  4. Click the check-mark/X to publish/unpublish.

  5. Click “New Category” to add a sub-category... enter data as appropriate...

    1. Title* - Enter the name of your new sub-category.

    2. Parent Category – select your Category (ie, YOUR username) from the drop-down list, or one of YOUR existing sub-categories from the list.

    3. Add description verbiage if you wish

    4. Published - select published or unpublished from the drop-down

    5. Access - choose Public or Registered from the drop-down... DO NOT select any other choice.

    6. Click Save

  6. Click the pencil to edit an existing category/sub-category.... the fields will be the same as when adding new above.